I specialize in art for mobile games.  I believe that everything starts in paper and pencil.  My work entails concepting features from start to finish using a variety of tools and styles.  I create UX flows, Animatics, UI animations, Icons, 2D & 3D assets, and I also build my 3D environments, characters, props and UI screens in Engine.  I also write integration specs for our developers and in-house tutorials for our other artists.

I have worked in various types of game studios.  From being the single artist responsible for the entire art direction of the company and game, to working amongst a team of artists.  I can do it all.

I believe in hard work and striving to be the best artist I can be.  I am currently employed full-time, however I am available for Freelance work.

After Effects
Marvelous Designer
Substance Painter
Self Portrait

A real time model self Portrait made using, Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, and substance painter

Get in Touch

Like what you see?  Want to work together? Or just want to say hi?  Send me an email and lets get in touch!

San Francisco, CA


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