MyVegas Bonus Progressive

This is the final render that is used in game for the Bonus Progressive feature


The above render was made for the Bonus Progressive feature that I worked on for.  My role in the feature was to create the UX flow, model, surface, texture the 3D elements.  Once that was done I retopo’d the High Polymesh and created all the realtime 3D game assets, and baked the textures.

MyVegas – Bonus Progressive UX Animatic from Jose Fuentes on Vimeo.

I used the concept art that was created by one of our extremely talented concept artist, Lee Tao to create the animatic.  It outlines the basic flow of how the feature works starting from triggering the feature in game, to playing said feature, and finally transitioning back to the slot game.

Bonus Progressive - High to Low Poly

This image shows the High Poly surfaced model on the left, and the retopo’d model with baked textures on the right